Beach Essentials : The Secret List

Who doesnt look forward to the beach vacation where days are by the beach and nights are endless lullaby of rising & falling waves. It surely is an ultimate relaxation, but certain precautions makes it smarter.

Of course we packed our slippers, but trust me the material makes a hell lot of difference. There are certain factors like coarse sand, water, sun etc. Its important that the footwear is airy, sturdy and comfy. After lot of trial and errors I feel rubber sandals are the best. And there are both expensive & inexpensive options, like this and this.

Its needless to say that sunscreens are a must. But considering the fact that humidity is intense near the sea, its a better idea to go for oils. They are nourishing and doesn't melt off. When you are headed for snorkeling the mask wont slip off and neither would it get to your eyes.
Try this, this & this.

Take it from the girl from a hot country, you need this! Talcum powder helps soak sweat and keep you fresh. I usually carry a small container of talcum powder and sprinkle it all over at the end off the day, once I have washed off all the salt water and sweat. Waterside places tends to be humid and noone wants to be sweaty after a shower. So this keeps me dry. Be careful of how much you sprinkle though, especially if you are wearing black.

Carry an umbrella. The most unpredictable thing about a beachside is the rain. It pours crazy or suddenly, so an umbrella saves the day.

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