Fall Burgundy Makeup

Fall is here and my makeup has made a swift little turn. I hydrate my skin little more and try to keep it dewy. My makeup products are much more nourishing for this time of the year. I have been wearing this makeup for the last week now and its a very simple, few products look. Bronzer has a big roll so when I have a bit more time I use a color correction palette for overall contouring. If you want to see the color correction process then let me know in the comment box below.

I started with the Tarte Color Correction palette and then blended it all with my Tarte Foundation Brush. Then I pumped out the Chanel Vitalumiere Moisture Rich Foundation. Its a very hydrating foundation with SPF 15 which is a great combination for this time of the year.

After I blended the foundation with the same brush I moved onto my eyebrows.

I like to keep my lips looking nourished and berry-tinted during fall and my eyebrows to be bold. Though my eyebrows don't need filling in it has a tendency to be droopy. So I drew the outline for it where it could stay put and simply combed it with the brush that came along with the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz.

For my eyes and cheek, I used the same bronzer from Bodyshop. I just fake the crease of my eyes lightly and finish up with the mascara.

Then I take a fluffy brush to draw a bit of contour as well as color to the area under my cheek. I find the hollow of my cheeks and keep emphasizing. Then I used the Tom Ford Bicoastal blush and apply it just at the top of my cheeks. A very light dusting.

And finally, I finish up with this lipstick by Lancome's Rouge in Love (275M Jolie Rosalie natural mauve)!

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