My Makeup Removal Routine

My cleansing process at the end of day is not only a makeup removal process but also a way to relax and unwind. I take my time to go through it and take every opportunity to massage and splash water. I start with lighting a candle. This one in Mokara fragrance is currently my favorite candle. Its a beautiful romantic smell and quickly transports me to a world of fairytales. Then I slip into comfortable clothes, which is usually a loose, long t-shirt. Then I pull up all my hair to tie up into a top knot. I pick up all the products I need and sit at one place to start removing makeup while watching a movie or series or anything that I fancy.

I start with rewinding the mascara. Removing mascara, especially if its waterproof can be quite painful. I first apply the melt-off and leave it as it is to start working on my lashes. The melt-off is quite effective and a simple wipe off is good enough. However, I go another step to make sure there is no trace of makeup left.

I love this step. Firstly I love the product, and the whole process of massaging it on my face. I take my time to slowly to apply the balm on my face slowly in circular motion all over my face.

I then wash it off by splashing water on my face, and then move over to my Boscia deep cleanser. Its a stick and convenient but more importantly its a very effective cleanser for deep cleansing.

once my face is damp and I have applied cleanser I use a brush for deep cleansing. I move it around my face avoiding eyes and allow it to deep cleanse my face.

This step can be done just with a damp or not cotton pad. But, I confess that I go a step further and use a micellar water drenched cotton pad to wipe the mascara off. I fold the cotton pad and just wipe off the lashes (like shown in the image above).

Then I wash my face one more time (I told you I am addicted to that :), wipe off my face then apply a face mask. usually a detox mask to finish my skin cleansing process.

Products are linked through the image.

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