Separate Textured Layer Hairstyle

Now that my hair is at a stage when its growing longer from the "pixie" I like to style them up for special occasions. Blow drying is, of course, an easier answer, but for a more elaborate hairstyle, I style each layer a little differently. This style gives my hair more volume, length and creates texture.

I started with air dried, washed yesterday hair. You can start with freshly blow-dried hair as well. In that case, you can avoid step  3 & 4. Also, you must use a heat protective spray or a balm to your hair before you start as there is a lot of heat involved.

Section hair in 3 parts from the top of your head to down. Secure top 2 sections with a clip. Leave the section that is closer to the nape of your neck.

Start with straightening the hair that has been left open.

Now release the next section and start making loose curls on low heat. Take slightly larger section while doing that, and curl downwards so that the volume remains at the crown. Once done with that section, release the last portion and make tighter curls depending on the partition that you prefer.

Once you are done, loosely run fingers through your hair and leave it loose.