Microneedling & Beauty Stamping

If you have seen my past post on beauty tool, then you would remember the beauty stamp from Nurse Jamie. I started using it recently and have been noticing improvements in fine lines and also overall skin health. Surprisingly enough, and quite contrary to my usual behavior I bought the product and then started researching. I took a while to figure the right usage and I think I have now nailed it. Beauty stamp is a form of micro needling and it helps maximum penetration of the products. I use it along with a serum and a toner spray and it works excellently.

I first  take a couple of pumps of the serum and gently apply all over my face & neck. I then spray my face with a toning mist like the Tata Harper one, which is not drying. My skin is a combination of oily & dry and I do not use a mist spray that would dry my skin by the time I reach out for the stamp. Sometimes I even reverse this process, depending on what works for you. I then gently stamp my face vertically, horizontally and diagonally across my cheeks. Then I do the same way along the forehead. Finally, I end with chin to neck. I finish with a moisturizer and makeup as usual.

Though I would say, that this is purely my personal experience and I am super gentle with my beauty stamp. I have been benefitting quite a bit since usage, and they are mostly with regards to fine lines & open pores as I have been noticing a remarkable improvement. I use it about 4 times a week.