Creating & Detangling A Bouffant

Bouffants are created to give our hair volume and height. It looks elegant for parties or even daily wear hairstyles. However, I often come across people who are reluctant to create one because they think that they would lose hair in the process and is messy and difficult to get rid of. I would not deny it, but after a while of researching and trying hard to find easier ways I have definitely found a more painless way to do it.

Creating The Bouffant.

You will need a hairspray, tease brush, tail comb & pins. I usually work on a couple of days old hair. This style finds it difficult to hold on freshly washed hair. Also, you wouldn't want to use products and ruin your freshly washed hair.

Firstly decide your hairstyle. I often leave it loose with just a bit of teasing & lift. You can also go for a undo or however you want to style your hair. Once you know your hairstyle you also know where the puff would be. Take that section out and clip it

Detangling The Bouffant 

Usually, a tangle teezer works. However, if you need a bit more then opt for organic coconut oil. Not only is it really good for the hair's nourishment but also a great de-frizzer. I find it especially useful as the hairspray can make hair sticky or little crisp.

and you are done!

Products Used : Brush for teasing | Hairpins | Hairspray | Tangle Teezer | Organic Coconut Oil