My Top 10 Happy List

I have always believed that one should know what makes one really happy. Not that I know 'All' of them, because many of these just passes by and we are so deeply happy that we don't notice the moments. Its only later, with reputation that we understand that this event makes us truly HAPPY!

With a blog named Happy Nook, I have put down 9 things that make me deeply happy, while 10th being the blog itself :)

So here is a list of 9+1 things that makes me truly happy!

1. I like to go for a walk when it drizzles. But on a warm day. And it has to be a drizzle. Now there are too many conditions but it can't be just any day, because its one particular moment of rain that makes me happy!

2. That perfect book. In one word that one 'un-put-downable' book. I have very rarely found one. I get on with books on and off but very few are that way. The last one was 'Girl On The Train - By Paula Hawkins' and I hear there's a movie releasing soon.

3. A red lipstick. There is something uplifting about red lipsticks.

4. I love to lie down under a large tree on a hot day.

5. Roll the window down in a moving car, of course, unless its chilly enough to give a frostbite :)

6. Talking to myself in the mirror. I think its the best way to loudly talk about ideas to someone who won't judge you.

7. Cuddling with M in the morning.

8. Hug Margo and fall off to sleep.

9. My morning cup of tea, before I start my day.

please do leave behind your comment, suggestion, insights, love notes... I am listening.
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