Shoe Dreaming At Quero

When M & I landed up at the launch of Quero in NYC 63 W. 38th St. at the Refinery Hotel we were so impressed that I decided that I had to write about it. The designs were beautiful, hand-crafted and surprisingly affordable. Randy & Monica, the minds behind Quero were on a holiday in Spain when they landed up at a hand-made shoe store, and there began their journey towards Quero. I took up the opportunity to chat up with them and click a few pictures of the beautiful pieces on display.

How would you define your Personal style?

Monica - I don't go by trends. I believe what feels good usually looks good and is always fun

How would you define Quero's style?

"Quero style is classic white canvas and we let you paint it"

How was your Passion for Fashion while growing up?

Monica - I grew up in Bogota, very European style big city with my mom an iconic elegance and my father a natural beauty. In my irreverent style,  I tend to prefer informality but love to always have a touch of elegance.

Randy -
 I grew up trolling thrift shops with my sister, buying Penguin and other defunct brands with a 50/60's retro style (It used to cost 10 cents for a shirt).  Then I started to get dressed up so that I could get into clubs. When I was getting my MBA at Columbia, I always liked classic style with a twist (Paul Smith). Classic, tailored with a retro, playful edge. 

Monica's favorite quote

But I love your feet only because they walked
upon the earth and upon the wind and upon the waters,
until they found me"

Pablo Neruda

Quero is being launched in NYC till May 26th at 63 W. 38th St. at the Refinery Hotel.