My Makeup Brushes

I use both my hands as well as the brushes to apply makeup. But a lot of times I avoid getting my hand sticky and clean where on the other times I simply can not clean my hands to my heart's satisfaction before I put them on my face. So here is the shortlist of brushes which I use more or less all the time that I applying makeup.

I love this Tarte Foundation Brush. Its unique design blends the foundation really well and gives an even finish all over.

This is a very old blush application brush and I like it for its angular yet no-so-sharp structure. It is precise in its application but not rough on the face and also blends seamlessly. Try this

Now for my eyes, its usually the easy application. I take some on my middle or ring finger and apply straight on the lid, when in a rush. On other occasions I have brushes for the following purposes, Above the eyelid, crease, close to lashes (upper & lower) and a general blending brush to remove any harsh lines.

Finally a face powder for the finish. I try and apply as little as possible or sometimes just skip during winter. As for the brush, I love this slanted kabuki from bodyshop. I like this too.

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