2 New Spring Hairstyles

I have been sporting 2 new hairstyles this spring. They are both fresh and clean as well as easy. I like the child-like happiness in these 2 looks, and hope you will like them too!

| The Back-To School Knots |

What you will need

A tail comb | Hairpins | Rubberbands | Hairspray

Part hair into 2 sections and tie them into ponytails

Now take one off and start braiding along your hairline till you reach the back of your ear and then pin it up.

Once you have pinned both sides, take the remaining hair in that section and tie it up into a braid and then tie up with same rubber band. now take each section and turn then around and then pin them up.

| Textured Updo |

What you will need

Texturizing spray | Teasing comb | Hairpins | U pins | Hair curling iron | Rubber band | Hairspray

Start with a texturizing spray and tease your hair a little.

Now roughly start picking up sections and start twisting around them.

Once done, pull the rest of hair back and tie a ponytail

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