Saffron Caramel Pudding - Recipe

It all started when I couldn't find the vanilla essence in my kitchen. I looked and looked and looked and finally concluded that my pantry is out of vanilla. But then I had a bowl full of pudding batter and a pre-heated oven. SO the only option I had was to find an alternative that would over-power the egg! So I soon reached out for saffron, wasn't sure about ginger this time, and voila. We loved it. Saffron has the power to give a rich twist to milk. And there it was a beautiful dessert. 

For the Caramel

| Sugar - 2 Tbsp |
| Water - 1 Tbsp |

For the Pudding (Makes 2)

| Milk - 1/2 Cup |
| Egg - 1 Nos |
| Sugar - 2-3 Tbsp |
| Saffron - 1 Pinch |


| Mix the Pudding ingredients except Saffron in a bowl or ideally a Pyrex jar |

| In a small bowl take about 2 tbsp milk and heat it for 10 secs in your microwave then drop the saffron and let it cool |

| Beat the batter in the jar |

| Now in a sauce pan add the caramel ingredients. Put it on high heat |

| Let it be on heat till it turns golden in color |

| Then take it off heat and pour it in 2 small ramekins | 

| Now add the saffron milk to the batter, mix well and pour it the ramekins |

| Pre-heat the oven at 350degrees |

| Now take a baking pan and fill enough water for the ramekins to sink in half way |

| Place the ramekins in the baking pan and put it in the oven |

| After about 45mins take it out and let it cool |

| Once cooled down, loosen the edge lightly with a sharp object like knife and let the liquid flow out cover the ramekin with a plate and flip it |

| The pudding should be out |

Now, just enjoy!

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