How To Prepare For Networking Meetups

I have spent my childhood being a shy introvert child. I was a single child and had family around at all times, so once I stepped out of my comfort zone like school and then high school. College & then work and more studying thereafter. In all these situations I interacted with people, great people who helped me along the way to grow with them and with that I learnt to be better prepared for these interactions. I learnt to introduce myself right, and present myself. 

Visiting Card

Visiting cards are the easiest way to introduce yourself. And the information remains with the person all along. I can understand that it can be an investment for someone who is just starting out. But trust me its a worthy investment. Try Vistaprint, as their cards can be inexpensive and designs can be picked up from the website. And if you are a designer then you know the drill.

 Be On Time

Cant stress this enough, but people do like to be respected. If you arrive on a time that everyone has decided or you have agreed to be present somewhere at a particular time, then it means you are someone perfectly capable of keeping your promise. Lets remember, that when someone doesn't know you, he/she is judging you constantly. Your absence makes the same a magnitude of impact as your presence. Also, if you know someone, its just nice and professional to be on time!

 Go Easy On Your Outfit/Look/Makeup

You are a creative individual and are proud of it. And I think thats awesome. However, it may not be the best idea to consider yourself as the canvas. You will meet people like say 'me' with ADD who will not be able you focus on you or anything that you say because of the beautiful peacock green eyeshadow. But thats not why you are there. You are there to introduce yourself, and want people to know the 'you' and partner or collaborate or anything else with you, instead of being impressed by you and look up to you as a goddess. I do think its a personal choice as well, and our eyes and instincts are the best judge. As long as we keep those 2 on, we should be ok. 

Carry Your Work Along

I am a photographer, stylist and a blogger. I have some work which I am really proud of and have compiled them into a pdf. I have downloaded that pdf on my phone, just in case someone wants to see it. And not to mention, just for this kind of eventualities, please keep your phone charged.

Go Easy On The Perfume

Trust me on this one. People are sometimes allergic to certain fragrances. They would avoid you like plague because they don't want to get into a sneezing frenzy the moment they come at a distance of a feet. I am not saying go without perfume, but opt for more subtle fragrances that are not overwhelming. And when you apply add just a little, like here. In which case you may not even have to apply the perfume repeatedly.

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