Haircare Product Review

When I buy products for the first time I make sure to get the trial/travel pack. It lets me not commit fully to something yet I can still test it out. I usually don't experiment much with hair products and when I do I go for it after a long careful research. It doesn't mean that I have never made mistakes. Simply because every product doesn't suit every kind of hair.

What I like about this duo is that it doesn't make your hair glossy or sticky like moisturizing shampoos but makes it feel healthy. The kind you like to touch. It feels manageable and soft.

Honestly in terms of the product output I didn't find it outstanding. But what I do like is that it comes in a tube. And that is a game changer for me. Its easy to travel with and gives quite a smooth blow out. And since its in a cream format, if taken in small quantities it won't leave a sticky residue on my hands. 

This product does exactly what it says. I however noticed that the shine doesnt last for more than a couple of hours. I wash my hair and towel dry it. and then apply a pea size to my hair and comb. Then blow dry as usual.

Smells wonderful and leaves a great texture. Its definitely a go to when it comes to a quick fix.

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