Candy Inspired Palette

Who doesn't like candies? Whether you still eat them or not, the thought of those colorful sugary - fruity sweetness does make a short appearance on your tongue when you see candies. Candies are so colorful and vibrant that whats there to not like? I love them, and introduce them in my life every now and then. Sometimes its the make while other times its my outfits. But one thing is for sure, the colors never disappear. I feel life will be like a dull grey day, without those colors, lifelong!

Products Shown

Lipsticks : YSL Volupte Shine - Fuchisia in Excess | MAC Sheen Supreme - Zen Rose | Dior - 775 Darling | D&G - Only Monica 80

Nailpolish : Essie - Chillato/Just Stitched/Cab-Ana/Geranium | Revlon Perfumerie - African Tea Rose/China Flower

Eyeshadow Palette : Urban Decay Electric Palette

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