Applying Perfume Right

Perfume comes with history. The origin of "per fumus" as it was known in latin to till date where it has traveled a long way. Concoctions have been developed and the science has been discovered, to make the best of perfumes. To choose them wisely to react rightly to chemicals present in our body and then stay longer. In fact, also to know the 'right' places where it should be. So to dwelve a bit more on this subject that is so close to my heart, I caught hold of Nadia!

Whats your favorite perfume?
My favorites depend on my mood, the occasion, the weather and what I'm wearing. A few of my favs are the ever so classic - N5 Chanel followed by Versace's Yellow Diamond, Avon's Rose Amethyst, Beyonce's Heat and Owl by Soap & Paper Factory. My favs are versatile, catering to my senses and emotions.

Since working with Elizabeth Arden, has your approach to perfume changed?
Immensely! There is a story, with many dimensions, that goes into making a scent. I learnt that a scent is like music - with notes. Each note is a mix of different, natural ingredients which can be maneuvered according to the taste of the maker. These natural ingredients is what entices our senses to feel emotional, rather adventurous. 

Do you apply it differently now?
Not really. I apply perfume like I was taught by my mom, which is how the French apply perfume - on the pulse points. What I do differently since working for a fragrance company is that I take a note of my skin's condition before applying a scent. Dry skin doesn't carry fragrance well, nor skin that already has been washed with a strong scented body wash.

Where do you think a girl should spray her perfume?
Coco Chanel once said that a woman should apply perfume in those areas where she would like to be kissed. I like to refer this to the Pulse Points. The pulse points is where the perfume should be applied... these sensuous spots that carry the fragrance well throughout the day as it reacts to your body heat the most. I personally call these spots the 7 heavenly spots: both inner wrists (2), behind each ear lobe (2), between the cleavage (1) and inner ankles (2). Some people also apply to inner elbows, behind knees and even hair but I like to keep it simple as to not overwhelm the world as I walk by. We simply want to spray once on each spot or dab on the skin, and don't want to smell like the bottle!

Clothes, Jewelry, Perfume. What should be the order? Why?
Definitely perfume first, followed by clothes and jewelry. I believe perfume should be applied to naked skin, not on clothes or jewelry. Imagine your perfume mixed with the scent of your laundry detergent, that's a total NO! As for jewelry, I wouldn't want my jewelry to tarnish.

How should a girl pick her perfume?
Based on her mood and emotions, and sometimes lifestyle. The moment I smell a scent, it takes me about one second to know that this is what I want and this is who I am. No doubt.

Now that you are an entrepreneur and pursuing your passion for jewelry called Naadz.com, whats your insight on the way perfumes and metals react with each other and things we should remember while using both?
Firstly, jewelry is not much different than wearing a perfume. Both entice our sense of emotions, and we like to carry both perfume and jewelry with elegance. As I had mentioned, I would never spray perfume on any piece of jewelry, whether it's metals or semi-precious stones. Perfume are made up of oils and various ingredients that can tarnish and sometimes scar the jewelry, especially stones. For metals (silver, gold), we want to avoid spraying perfume on them to avoid high maintenance.

Are perfumes an extension of our personalities, mood or both?
Both and much more. Sometimes we are inspired by a scent to dream beyond our limits. 

Being in love with beauty and scents throughout her lively childhood, Nadia has successfully executed product launches in the Cosmetics & Toiletry industry. During her role with Elizabeth Arden, a leading fragrance company known for classic brands such as Elizabeth Taylor, Red Door, 5th Avenue and more, she has held positions in Business Development, Prestige Sales and Global Marketing in which she lead all new product and promotional development for existing & emerging markets. She began her marketing ventures at Essie, a subsidiary of Loreal Paris, in which she managed all marketing & creative initiatives. She has played a key role in product demonstrations at CEW, Cosmetic Executive Women, events. With her passion for beauty and in the ever-changing beauty arena, she has brought her vision to life with a new beauty & fashion brand called NAADZ.com.

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