9 Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Ideally I would gift mum some time. And I know that is the perfect gift for her. But its nice to gift things to the person who has given you the greatest gift - 'Life'

Here are some Mommy-approved suggestions. Hope you find these useful! 

If your mum loves to travel, then this tote will be her BFF. The little journal, a camera, a phone, wallet, emergency makeup bag, and basically "everything"!! 
Nourished is a lifestyle magazine with a wonderful collection of inspiring stories, recipes and travelogues. Gift mum a subscription, and she will love it!
 Isn't this the cutest necklace ever. A mama elephant locking trunks with a baby elephant is the cutest piece of jewelry EVVA'H!
I still take organizing cues from my mom. But let me tell you that I am a work-in-progress. However for mum, she would totally know what to do with these, unlike me who would click some pics and then wonder what to do with these.
 Who doesn't like their mom's cooking? And mums surely like to feed! So lets be sneaky and handover a book of awesome recipes
 I love candles. And I love it when people gift me candles. What more can I say?
 I love book ends. And a cute set of bookends are the best thing to keep it on the shelf, and the best part is that they keep the reads organized too.
 Tea drinkers have favorites and like to try new kinds. Gift her this kit from David's with all the works. She won't put it down ever.
Is your mommy a cool knitter? Then she needs these. It might be cute to picture your cat lying snug on all the wool spread across the room. But not necessary the reality. Gift her this, and she would love it!

please do leave behind your comment, suggestion, insights, love notes... I am listening.
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