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You may have already read my post on open pores, the cause, cure and other things. So now you know that it is one of my biggest skin concerns till date. I keep them clean, treat them and finally before putting on make up I apply a layer of primer that takes care of them. In my case its impossible to hide them or get rid of them. But I do what needs to be done and that has definitely resulted in my skin getting healthier. I have combination skin, which means I have an oily T zone and most of my pores are on my nose and some on my cheeks. I keep trying new products and here is a shortlist for you!

I can't even remember for how long have I been using the nose strip. It is effective and fool proof. You apply it, let it dry, pull it out and Bam...you see the results with your own eyes. Only thing I would suggest is don't go for it with ultra dehydrated skin, or it can hurt.

REN's detox mask is a relatively newer find. It does make the pores disappear for a bit. I am a bit more finicky though and use the strip before using the mask. I have this abnormal fear of dirt getting trapped in my pores and never being able to get out. So no chances are taken there. But I must admit I have seen my skin to be much clearer with this product.

I will be honest with you. I feel a certain amount of control when I use a serum. I clean my face and head straight over to serums. So I do not think the serums make pores disappear. But what it does is keep things balanced so that it does not break out. Pores are more likely to be controlled so that the sebaceous oil glands do not simply just break out as soon as you apply the moisturizer. And treat them in a way that its balanced.

And finally we need something more immediate to hide the craters. I am currently in love with Garnier 5 sec blur. Its available at the local drugstore and is cheap. Its extremely effective and I love it! I also like the Maybelline Pore Eraser. I picked it up during my trip to Asia earlier this week and I have seen it in the drugstores in US so far. But its available online. As for the Too Faced Primed & Poreless, I need time in hand as it takes a couple of minutes to absorb on my oily part of the skin. Good primer though

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