Margo's First B'day

I still remember the time when we brought Margo home. A tiny little puppy exploring around the apartment and sniffing it as if to make sure that everything was ok. We gave in and let him make himself comfortable. Then started his walk around the neighborhood and no one could get past him without a little cuddle. And we loved that for sure because that was our little moment of fame too! We held him close and introduced and said "he is Margo, the boy with a girl's name".

Margo just turned1 and his birthday was on the March 18th. We had planned a birthday party that weekend at the lawn with puppy cookies and cupcakes and some pizza for us. And after they suggested that I design an invite" for one of my special occasions I designed one too, inspired from one of invite" Paperless post's templates.

But as we have no control over nature, it snowed and there wasn't much we could do about it. We still had the party, but moved it indoors and invited just his best friend 'snow' over and they Surely had a good time. As they were very tired afterwards :)

But the outdoor was still on our mind and we did that couple of days later. After all that's what they love the most.

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