How To Care For Under Eye

The under-eye area is the most neglected area sometime. But ironically, it should be the other way round. The are is sensitive, shows the first sign of aging or irregularities of lifestyle. With a little TLC we can reverse the problems into a happy and healthy looking eye.


I make sure that I clean every bit of makeup from my eyes before I sleep. There is no alternative to that. There was a time I slept in thick kohl lines and mascara, but no more. Makeup, when kept on overnight leaves the skin dry. And you wouldn't want that to happen to your eyes

Apply eye cream with benefits. Its important to understand what is it that your eyes need. Sometimes it's deeper than just the eye cream. It might just be lack of sleep or water.


The issues with your eyes can be anything and due to anything. You may have puffy eyes and the solution might be simpler than you think. Drink more water and massage your face regularly during skincare. As sometime due to lack of water our water retention increases and then they get firmed in little lipid glands in our body. But I am not a doctor, So see one if you feel your problem is something else. 

Similarly with under eye dark circles one might need to sleep all 8 hours to give eyes the much needed rest. I also give my eyes rest from the computer after every 1 hour, get up from the desk and walk around. Not only is it good for the eyes but also for the body. 

Also as a rule for contact lens wearers like me, it should be taken off after 8-10 hours. 8 being the rule and 10 a stretch. I have been there done that. Slept off with lenses on and woken up with dry eyes. And then the lens drying and sticking to your eyes like second skin, it's horrible. If you haven't tried that yet then please don't, because this is what would happen!


Well when everything fails makeup is the last resort. Depending on how critical your situation is effective would be the makeup.