How To Be More Productive

Wake Up Early

This is easier said than done. Especially if you are not a morning person. In my case, I have a dog - Margo who eats at 7 am and needs to go for a walk after that. So once its 7, he comes and literally places himself above our pillows or on the side and starts licking our faces. We never tried to change that habit because its better than any alarm clock in this world!

Now, waking up early is the best. I like to start my day with a walk with M & Margo. A long walk. i get back home and practice some yoga for half an hour. I like to do the bed in the morning and if possible clean the floor as well. It helps me stay positive as I believe that cleaning the home, even if its just the little bit like making the bed it helps eliminate negative energies in the house. Then I get breakfast and get to work. So, if I get up at say 11 I will not be able to do any of this and by the time i have had enough caffeine to get me going half my day is gone. I also need to shoot photos during the day, so day light is critical. 

Make A Joblist & Review

I do not use a lot of paper. I think it is waste of paper to begin with. Though I like nice stationery, I hardly get a lot of them. I do have a weekly planner, but for a more detailed daily plan I prefer virtual stick ons.  While I am grabbing my breakfast and tea in the morning I put down each and every job that I need to do that day, whether work related or personal. And I write them in the order of their priority. I never miss a thing and take a good 20 minutes to write them. Then I start addressing them from the top and address them one by one. I format everything in bold, and once the task is done I unbold that one. It hardly ever happens unless it is a job that would take time that it has not been accomplished.

Take Short Breaks

It is very important to take short breaks. I find it extremely difficult to concentrate if I do not. Also, its not really a healthy practice to stare the computer screen for hours. So I take breaks to sometimes apply some nail polish take out half an hour to read a book. It refreshes my mind and I can get back to work with renewed energy.

Take A Night Bath/Shower

A night time bath relaxes me completely. I usually get into the bath and use that time to also massage a cleansing balm on my face while watching something on the laptop. Then I apply a face pack, which I wash off at the end of my bath and then apply my serum and night cream. I don't do it for more than 30mins but it completely unwinds me. Also, applying moisturizer at the end of the bath gets me going for the entire day the next day. Sometimes when I have the time, I also go through an elaborate skincare routine. For an absolutely relaxed bath check this.

Make Most Of Your Time, Everytime

Even the short breaks that I take during the work are meaningful. If I am reading its a way of self-fulfillment, or applying nail polish then I need to do so for a meeting or a shoot. Its a good way of utilizing the break and not feel guilty about it. 

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