Restaurant Review of The Month : Psari Seafood Restaurant

February happens to be the official month of love for me & M. And its not just Valentine but also happens to be our anniversary this month. We love doing little fun things and dine out even more this month. On Valentine's we decided to go to Psari. Its a Greek seafood restaurant and on Valentines day the environment was vibrant and awesome. The place was completely packed and after reaching we realized our only saving grace was that we picked it up through Opentable, which of course made the whole process much easier. We could just book a table in advance.

The food was absolutely delicious and in particular if you are a complete seafood fan, then give the grilled octopus a shot. We ordered for some Chardonnay to accompany the food. The staff were very friendly and courteous. And as a special touch at the end of our meal, I was even handed over a rose. How beautiful is that!

Order recommendation (for 2) : Grilled Octopus | Shrimp Bisque | Greek Combo

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