My First Grey

I like to flip through my hair in front of the mirror. Its like a health check up for the manes. So during one such process, when I spotted my first grey hair my immediate reaction was OMG I think I am getting too old. The whole idea around grey hair is older occurred as a natural process. But after those initial moments of pondering I sort of felt good about it.

I have seen that greying of hair happens differently to different people. Some get lots of salt and pepper hair very soon in life, which I personally find quite sexy! Some get it late and some never or may be just a few. I still don't know which way I am headed as my parents greying process were completely different. But I do feel greying does add a certain distinct character, just like DNA. Its somehow different in every individual and adds to their whole appearance. An extension of self. A part of self. I don't wish to color and get rid of my grey.

What do you think of greying? Would you color, because you want to hide it?

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