How To Create Wall Collage?

I love eclectic walls. A mix of different things that make some meaning. Some reason for all of them to come together. As a married couple and been so for 4 years, we like to have the memories of these 4 years in front of us, right in our bedroom. Because that space is meant just for us. Of course we have Margo on the team now, but I still haven't been able to print out his pictures. You'll see that update soon.

Since our bedroom is pretty small, I have taken up just 1 wall for my so called 'memory-board'. We have pictures, from life & travel & souvenirs that we have got back from there, in fact we also have a little storage there, the wall of hats as our tiny apartment couldn't accommodate them anywhere else!

Our souvenirs are as diverse as you could imagine. We have this coral washed ashore in Puerto Rico, A dream catcher which suddenly caught our eye while driving down to Utah from Arizona, 2 turbans that we bought in Rajasthan, just for fun, a vintage necklace I once randomly bought (& never wore) in NY and a Ganpati (Indian elephant god) wall hanging we got as a gift on our wedding. Each of these items have memories if not stories!

I feel its important to have these, in the bedroom for a couple. Its just sometimes nice to just lie down on the bed and start talking about old sweet memories.

As for our living room, the idea was little different. We like to entertain and hence have kept the layout open. As for the walls, the purpose is more practical. Its again the main wall where the have focused. Its less cluttered and the key wall has a mirror - makes the room more open, a big clock - well, to see the time and 2 frames. You will see a lot of plants around too

I would say that your home is a complete reflection of yourself. and who ever walks in expects that as well as you as a household want to project that as well. So that is all that counts.

please do leave behind your comment, suggestion, insights, love notes... I am listening.

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