5 Favorite Face Scrubs

I am a big face scrub fan. I use a scrub almost everyday. Face scrubs not only polishes your skin but gets rid of black and white heads. It removes the dead skin from the surface and allows the moisturizer to absorb better. Winter or summer face scrubs are a must!

Like most of the Fresh products this one lives unto its promise. It has sugar, oils and apparently real strawberry seeds which is full of anti- oxidants. The skin is smooth and supple after every use. I recommend applying it dry first and then wetting the finger tips to work it further and the sugar tends to melt pretty quickly.

Re-purchase possibility : 9/10 | Find it here

It smells heavenly, especially when used in the morning. Definitely one of the gentle exfoliators.

Re-purchase possibility : 7/10 | Find it here

One of the new entrants in my beauty kit. I like the creamy texture and the way it smells. Skin definitely appears smooth.

Re-purchase possibility : 4/10 | Find it here

It might be the cheaper option but I trust it. It is effective and leaves the skin feeling great. I wouldn't use it daily though as the granules are quite massive and I am not sure if I want something so rigorous every single day.

Re-purchase possibility : 8/10 | Find it here

This is a face mask. And also an exfoliator. You let it sit on your skin and let it dry and then rub it all off. Make sure you do that over a sink or the bath area as the dry bits are going to fall off. Then wash it all off with a sponge or wet towel. Skin feels great!

Re-purchase possibility : 8/10 | Find it here

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