Vine Aerators : Do We Need Them?

Drinking wine should be every woman's solace. Its perfect for a girl's night out, a romantic date or if its just a book and you on the couch. A glass of wine is always a good idea. Its the perfect way of letting your hair down and enjoy every moment of it. I love my wine and I enjoy a good Cabernet Sauvignon any time you ask me. But when it comes to its accessories I choose slowly and wisely. So when VinoAria asked me to try out their aerators I thought it was a smart choice to make. It was useful and inexpensive. You can find them here. But then they have this great discount on the product which is 'extremely' appealing!

What is a Wine Aerator?

Wine aerators helps the wine breathe. In lay man's terms wine has something called Tannins for being corked in tightly for so long. So when the wine is first opened, it may give out very little aroma due to lack of oxygen. The taste may be dry and acidic. An aerator helps the oxygen to be introduced to the wine in the right amount, to slowly release the aroma and enhance the sate into a more mellow nature. Thus making the wine drinking experience much better.

What I think about wine aerators

I would purchase a wine aerator for 2 simple reasons. The only 2 reasons that ever bothers me when it comes to wine. Here they are:

Wine tastes better
I am not a big fan of dry wines so a mellower better tasting wine is. I also like the fact that I can enjoy the aroma for a longer time, and allows me to drink it longer and slower.

No wastage
I don't know about you, but I believe my wine pouring skills to be not-so-perfect! Inspite of trying to imitate the experts, its never a no-spill experience for me. An aerator that lets me control the pour is a blessing. Trust me!

About VinoAria Wine Aerator
Its inexpensive, handy and comes in a lovely box. I think its a very good gift option as well, and as an aerator it does its job very well.

*The product had been sent to My Happy Nook for review. All opinions are my own.

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