Makeup For Travel

Like I mentioned earlier in my travel haircare products that I take along, I have by now also compiled a list for makeup. Its short. Its sweet. And I make sure that everything does double duty. Its the best way that I can stock up less and make them perform more. This of course is a list that works very well if I am not traveling for something special like a wedding. Then I add a couple more things more. But for anything this works.

Anastasia Tinted Gel - Eyebrow | Eyelash
I am pretty much done with just a tinted gel usually. A quick sweep sets it up pretty well. And luckily since its a darker shade, I confess I like to use it for my lashes too sometimes and think works perfectly well for day to day makeup.

Clinique Even Better Makeup - Base | Sunscreen
A foundation that has descent coverage & a good SPF is a good idea as thats what you will ever need as a base.

Urban Decay 24/7 Waterline Eye Pencil - Upper lid | Lower lid liner
It glides like a dream. When well sharpened it can give you the perfect flicks as well as can alternately create the lower eye gothic seductress. Whatever is the mood, it can do it for you.

Clinique Chubby Shadow Tint For Eyes - Eye Shadow | Highlighter
Its a beautiful shade in the Grandest Gold and works perfectly well as a highlighter as well as an eye shadow. It reflects healthy glow and is extremely convenient in its pencil form. It doesn't even need to be sharpened with its swivel up form.

Tata Harper - Lip | Cheek
It has the most beautiful tint and texture. Its not sticky not drying but perfect for that natural flush. goes very well on both cheek & lips. I sometimes use to on my eyes too.

Its concentrated, creamy, easy to apply and carry. Its pen like structure and solid form makes it a no spill formulation that can be easily carried. Its also effective in what it does and can be used to work as both under eye concealer & blemish eraser.

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