How To Unpack After Travel

courtesy: Etsy

You had a great holiday and now your are back home to the daily grind. The motivation you had while leaving is not there anymore, plus you are tired. We used to leave our suitcases right in the middle of living room and forget about it, sometimes for weeks. And then we would start looking for that polka dot t-shirt and not remember where it is. And of course where else could it be?

So now I have simplified the process. Its quick and I just get over with it. Mostly, the moment I am back home.

First things first...

I flung open that suitcase and take all the clothes out and put it into the laundry. If it has warm clothes then I take them out too and put them aside somewhere. Usually hang them off my coat rack. Its a good to have a predesignated areas for all the winter essentials. Even in small apartments. Like hooks for coats and a box/basket for gloves/caps etc. Saves you time when you are looking for them.


I put away my shoes. Even for my shoes I have slots to put them. Try this & this if you are looking for shoe organizing ideas.


The toughest part, if you ask me, are the toiletries. I hardly remember while packing in those random loose things like the weird colored lipstick or the shaving kit when I am traveling for a skiing trip that I am hardly going to use them. So once I am back I stare and stare and stare at them. But here is what to do. Divide between what goes in the bedroom and what goes into the bathroom. In my case makeup and some skin products stay in the bedroom while the toiletries in the bathroom. Easy? Now start with placing the bathroom products first. Then move over to the bedroom and do the rest.

What should be left are....

The souvenirs! We all love to collect some. I like to get magnets wherever I go to put them on my refrigerator. Keep those aside. Place them later when you have time and are relaxed.