Product Review : Clarins Lip Comfort Oil

I am always overtly concerned about my lips. To a level that you can call me crazy. I have lip balms everywhere, in every bag, car, by bedside, pockets and everything imaginable. So lip is "big in my life!" When I read about Clarins Lip comfort oil I first thought of it as something that conditions the lips. Then I wondered if its a sort of lip oil that will make my lips extra-ordinarily supple while giving it some tint of color, hence I bought both. However, my perception was a little different than reality. Don't get me wrong, I am not disappointed and quite like them, though I feel I could just get one. So here is what I observed.

1. The tint is not so real. Its mild and doesn't really matter what lipstick you are wearing & it won't leave its traces.

2. 02 which is Raspberry smells awesome. 01 Honey is nice too, but way too mild to even notice.

3. I like balms or lip softeners that slowly spread over my lips when I use them without a lipstick and eventually makes the lips soft. This I thought was a bit sticky.

4. I used it as a gloss on my lipstick, and it didn't bleed. Instead made the lips look fuller, plump and sexy. In fact it made the lipstick last longer too.

Overall I have mixed feelings about the product. May be the fault is entirely mine as I should had researched more and known what exactly to expect. And if you are reading this I hope it will help you make up your mind better. Its a great make up product if you ask me, lip plumper/ gloss. I would rather simplify and call it that and then love it as it does the job very well.

Have you tried them too? What did you think?

You can buy them from here.

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