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You surely feel the need to be covered while running around in the snow. But the joy of being at a ski resort sipping hot cocoa and eating beef chili could hardly be let gone. If you aren't an expert skier like me, the former would be the highlight of your trip. However, whatever are your reasons, its well worth the trip.

I love beaches. And I am yet to meet anyone who doesn't. Beautiful sand & blue waters never stops enticing.

When I visited Savanah, I found it unexpectedly beautiful. Of course, I saw some popular pictures and videos but then it felt to lovely, green & tropical. The gorgeous trees and parks & waters, everything makes you feel "lets live here"!

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Have you seen the movie called In Bruges? Well do if you haven't. Not only does it stars the beautiful Clemence Poesy & is a great movies but also is shot in the beautiful city of Bruges. It has long been a dream destination and I hope the dream comes true soon.

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