How I Get Makeup Ready

Makeup tricks are critical and everyone has their own, but the prep is extremely critical too. The makeup artistes world over pay very good attention to the skin before starting to work on them and prep accordingly. Its a lot like the better prepared you are for the test, better will you write it. If the skin needs attention for a certain cause then the right products need to be used. Also the weather conditions are critical. I make sure that my skin is clean & I have used the right products.

Face Massage

I use a baby oil if it doesn't require intense cleaning. I massage it thoroughly on my face till every dry bit is gone. I believe it removes my white heads as well. Depending on how much time I have in my hand, I allocate a substantial portion to the massage. I slowly take the strokes downward on my neck and sometimes till my shoulders too. If you need some guidance then watch this.


Then I follow up with a scrub. I massage it very well into my skin with damp fingers and go all over the face in circular motions. It goes on for about 2 minutes & then I wash it off.

Face Pack

I use a face pack after that. It largely depends on what my skin feels like that day, before I even started. Its usually a combination of 2 face packs as I have a combination skin. I then grab a quick breakfast & tea. Once I have finished by face pack would have dried too, so then I head to the shower.

Post Shower

Once I have wiped all the water from my hair & body I straight away start my skin routine. When I have arrived in US my skin had difficulties getting adjusted to the dry & cold weather of NY. I faced minor Eczema on my face. So what I learnt was that, I need to use a moisturizer on my skin within 3 minutes of getting out of the shower. And it made complete sense. It worked perfectly well, and I still continue to do it, till date.

I use a serum. My primary concern is my combination skin & the open pores. I use a serum that would help them banish before I seal them with a face cream. However, just like the face mask, I choose mine depending on what the skin feels. See here if you want to read more about serums.
Face oil

Face oils are so critical. I have re-purchased this again and again and will continue to do so. I take 3 drops on my palm, rub them and press the oil against my skin. Its a wonderful product and meant for combination skin. My skin absorbs it immediately and gives me a healthy glow.

The Finale

I end the routine with a face cream that has additional properties and definitely has a sunscreen. I also don't like to use anything that makes my face shine too much, so basically something for the combination skin. I currently use Estee Lauder Resilience Lift.
And also apply a little eye cream right at the end.

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