Holiday Recipe : Moroccan Slow Cooked Lamb With Prune

This is by far my favorite dish and its so beautifully aromatic, exotic texture and tastes nothing short of a king's meal! Its something I make on special nights as not only is this exotic & rich but also time-consuming. But then all good things do need patience. This recipe is not mine, but a bit of a combination of several recipes online and a few trial and errors, but do love the outcome. Also ideally it should be cooked in a tajine. However, I don't have one, so I just use an usual pot. It works very well. Though I feel serving in a tajine does add a bit of drama.

So heres how to make it
  • Lamb Rack - 1.5 lbs
  • Medium White Onion - 1 nos. Sliced
  • Cinnamon - 3 Sticks
  • Cinnamon Powder - 1 tbsp
  • Saffron - 1 pinch
  • Ginger - 1tbsp
  • Turmeric - 1tsp
  • Prunes - 1 1/4 cup
  • Honey - 3tbsp
  • Sesame - 1tbsp
  • Salt


~ Heat some olive oil in a big pot.

~ Add the onion, cinnamon sticks, cinnamon powder, ginger, turmeric & salt and toss till light brown.

~ In a separate small hot pan toast the saffron for about a minute and then drop in into about a tablespoon of water. Keep it aside.

~ Add the lamb rack to the pot. Flip it around for a bit. And continue to cook for about 20 minutes.

~ Once the rack is coated with the onion & other spices add water, just enough to cover the meat.

~ Cook for 1 and half hours on medium heat.

~ Then add about a cup and a quarter of prunes & the saffron kept aside.

~ After 10 minutes of cooking take the rack out and separate the pieces with a knife. Make sure the lamb has cooled down before you start cooking. Continue to cook the broth while doing so.

~ Add the meat back into the soup and cook for hand an hour more.

~ Serve with green vegetables & couscous

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