Hair Products I Carry When I Travel

I love traveling. I always have. And this year, as we draw to a close, has been one of the most exciting year in that case. The big issue I have always felt has been packing. What to carry, how to predict the climate and most importantly how can I not over-pack? The last one is something I am still working on. But in case of the beauty products I have drawn a, sort of formulae where I carry a set number of products, all travel size wherever I go. I have a set for hair as well, which consists of a shampoo & conditioner. A dry shampoo if I am not able to wash my hair for a few days, in case of a little longish trips or even a week. An elasticizer (pre-shampoo conditioner) just in case I have the time. A wrap around towel, which I can wrap around and forget about while I put on my make up or my night treatment. And a drier. And I am quite happy with my little kit, the products are excellent and give the perfect outcome. I find this to be quite a complete kit for my hair.

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