DIY : Chocolate Cups

 I find chocolate cups to be the most fun thing ever. It can be served up for both adults & kids and they  won't leave anything back, I promise you! You can serve up some whipped cream and strawberries to the kids while the adults can have some liquors in it. The process is simple, quick and a winner, even just the thought of it. And its the best holiday idea.

What you will need.
  • Plastic cups, but the small ones. Or even the tiny sauce holders. You can also buy them from here.
  • Semi sweet dark chocolate. 
  • A bowl. A spatula.
  • Double boiler

How to do it.
  • To begin, first cut around the edges of the cup. Just a little, so in case the chocolate is stuck then you can tear it out.
  • Now melt the chocolate slowly by making sure it doesn't burn. 
  • Pour some chocolate into the cups and then pour them into another and then another, till you have coated all the cups you plan to make.
  • Pour the rest back to the jar.
  • Put the cups on a tray and freeze them for an hour.
  • Once frozen, take them out and peel away the plastic. And you have your chocolate cup ready!
  • Serve it the way you like. If you have kids over, then put in a little whipped cream and top up with some chopped berries or mango. If you made them for adults only try having some liquor. I love mine with some cherry liquor.

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