Beauty Products That I Have Re-Purchased

I am a complete believer in this product. I have re-purchased it over and over again. Not only do I like that this doesn't make my face oily but moisturizes it well enough. It smells awesome and makes my skin feel great. Its a must have in my beauty kit rain or shine.

If you have been following my blog, you would have seen its mention several times. I use it every night as a night treatment and I because I think that it takes everything off. It does the 3 purpose job of Cleansing, moisturizing and massaging balm. I love this one.

I have always liked the products from this range. I have been using it for almost 6-7 years now, where of course I took a break, tried something else and then again went back to it. I find it to be effective when I use it under my makeup, especially around the time of the month when the open pores look massive.

To be honest I do not know why do I repeat purchase this. Its perhaps the way it makes me feel, which is why I always buy the sample size. Its also expensive, but smells awesome and travel pack is easy to carry along on a trip.

Another product used since, well, forever. That is if you count the infant days. But as I was growing up during my late teens I started massaging baby oil on my face thoroughly before bath and then washed it off with a face scrub and I still do it. I swear by it and the only close alternative that I can accept to this is probably coconut oil.

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