Travel Diaries : Barcelona

My Spain visit was awesome to say the least. It was long and exhausting but I definitely feel satisfied. It was an absolute gastronomic treat, visually delightful and the experience of a lifetime. Each city was different, had a different flavor of its own and aura. Here's the download.


Eat: Barcelona has abundant choices. You should be ready to be on your feet to experience it all. You never know, where your heart pulls you for a little sangria and tapas break and you might end up discovering the best thing ever! From our journey these are the few places thats still on my mind.

La Tesquita De Blai: If you are there on a weekend then reach early. If you don't find a place then the best bet might be to find one of the customers who is just about to leave and then keep hovering around. But people are nice and know that you might be looking for a spot, so not really a big worry. Their Tapas are cheap (1 euro each & 1.8 euros for the special ones)x

Quimet & Quimet: Simply for the gastronomic experience. The food is just excellent! But do reach early as they close by 11pm.

El RavalIf you are walking around El Raval, Do stop around the square at the red tent for some excellent Moroccan tea. Its excellent and very refreshing to say the least. This isn't a store and won't accept a credit card, so keep your cash handy.

La Paradeta : You can choose your fish (fresh, raw fish; mind you!) and hand them over to cook. Then pick up a wine, while they prepare your fish at that instant. I loved La Paradeta!

ExperienceBe ready to walk around. take a break at one of the open air cafes and then continue walking. The main district with all the attractions are walkable.

Gothic Quarters: Don't forget to visit the Gothic Quarters. The experience here during the day and night are very different. The stores are all open and you can visit the cathedral and coffee shops during the day. But as it starts to get darker the street musicians start their performances. And they are very good!

El Born: Once you are done with Gothic Quarters, head over to El Born for a few drinks. Its a very chilled out and pretty location, and loads of fun if you are in good company.

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