Thanksgiving Hot Drinks Idea For 'All'

Thatnksgiving is all about having a great time together with family and friends. And it means lots of good food and drinks for everyone. When its just getting cold and you need the right kind of warmth. Something little sweet and just a little spicy. It can't be too difficult so that you spend all your time in the kitchen preparing this magnificent piece. So here are my top 4 picks.

Hot Chocolate On Sticks

I found the recipe here. Hot chocolate is never a bad idea. Once its colder, hot chocolates are a hit with both kids & grown ups alike. You can make these ahead of time and all one needs to do is to warm up the milk in the microwave and stir it in.

Hot Toddy

This drink is not just for the old boys. Its one of my favorite drinks for winter and I aint an old boy myself. It has spices, & honey. If you want to get creative add more things. How about some dried chamomile buds in a tea bag.

Mulled Wine

I once finished an entire bottle of wine, which was beautifully transformed into mulled wine. Its spicy, warm and whats better than some good old wine. I add some Merlot, Ginja (Portuguese cherry liquor), Lemon rind, Orange rind, Star anise, Cinnamon & Cloves in a saucepan and heat it up. And the most beautiful drink come out of it.


I just had to put in the 'Chai'! It slowly growing into a favorite amongst the hot drink category. Its warm with all the spices, and that makes it festive too. Its creamy & milky and yet has the kick of ginger.

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