October Beauty Haul - Review

I was looking for a sunscreen that would protect my skin during my Europe trip recently. I didn't carry a moisturizer and was looking for broad spectrum that I could also apply on my face if need be. It felt decently moisturizing without being greasy. Also, I don't have any particular tanning and I think its a great sunscreen.

I wouldn't say it wowed me or offered something I was never offered by any other product earlier. But I do feel fresh and bright at the end of a nice skin treatment.

I love the way it smells. Completely & absolutely. This is something about all the Fresh products, that they have this amazing spa-like fragrance in them. As a product, it feels very natural and deep conditioning. I feel great after using it. As for my skin, I think it likes it too.

I like to use a black kohl to line my waterline. I have experimented a lot over the years, and while some have dragged the skin while others smoothly glided, I think this one really works. It glides very smoothly and immediately, upon contacting the skin. It stays on for at least 8 hours, or thats how long I have tried and it worked.

I somehow end up buying a pink blush. The couple I have in non-pink are a stick, which is not ideal for my skin type for everyday use and the other is too pale. I had already tried another shade of this product, obviously a pinkish shade called Berry pop and really liked the way it interacted with my skin. I quite like the warm flush of color on my cheeks, during this time of the year.

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