My Tryst With Flowers

I like to have flowers around me. Bright beautiful smelling roses are the best things to have closeby. I do take a bit of a bold plunge sometimes and mix it up with strong smelling fruits. Yesterday I picked up some yellow roses and added them to a bowl of apples. And the result was a beautifully delicious smelling concoction!

Flowers can lighten up any space. The beautiful colors, fragrance and just the mere presence of flowers can cheer you up. You can source flowers in many ways. A local store might just be the place or your garden. It might be a nice idea to plant flowering plants in the house, by the window. And if you do not have the time to water and care for them, then you can also go to Flower Delivery By BloomNation and order a Bouquet for yourself. BloomNation supports communities by partnering with independent florists and showcasing their hand-crafted flower arrangements. All you have to do is to enter you zip code and they will show you all the options close to your home.

Well thats a start of a good thoughts there! Have a happy Weekend Everyone!!

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