My Strobing Techniques

Winter has arrived and I am struggling to keep my skin glowing and dewy. A continuation of the usual routine is necessary and in a prompt tweak in product is a good idea. However, I like to have the envious healthy glow on my face just when the sun hits my face or even if I am out in the evening. I also think that its a very quick makeup and simple to do for a no-fuss evening. I do need to add a few steps here and there, and this is what they are.

I starts with applying the Clarins Beauty Flash Balm. A pea size on my palm and then I dab my hand on my face by pressing them slowly against the skin. It gives my face a nice healthy freshness.

I proceed to study my face and figure out the highest points of my face, where the light would hit when exposed. After that I use the highlighter on these points. I recommend using a cream or liquid highlighter. I used the Giorgio Armani Eye Tint in 12. Though I think this & this are good product options.

I blend it very well and evenly and then proceed to applying foundation with a stippling brush. I dab the foundation all over my face. Its important to choose the foundation wisely. I prefer something with light to medium coverage and that ends up leaving some glow. Buxom Show Some Skin Weightless Foundation

I don't use any bronzer with this, but apply some blush, and NARS Multiple in Orgasm goes pretty well. I avoid the bronzer.

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