My Dry Body Brushing Routine

Dry Body Brushing has been a recent obsession with me. I had developed insomnia recently, and thats how I started using a dry brush at night. It helps improve blood circulation in my body and helps me relax. I believe it to be a great treat for the body. Ideally it should be done in the morning. I tried that too. And keep working it around. I think its a great thing to do, however you want it to be.

Why I love It So Much:

1. It sloughs off your dead skin. Well that was simple. I do feel a little more control when it comes to this method though. The body scrubs are nice, luxurious and surely a treat. But I often tend to loose them when I am in water or if my hands are wet. And then I have to start afresh. I do think of it as a bit more expensive. 

2. Gets rid of cellulite when done right. The right way to do it is start from the feet and brush upwards, and keep doing so till your buttocks. Then start with your hands and again move upwards, that is, fingers to the heart. The back goes upward too, and I think it probably makes more sense to have a brush with a longish handle. As for the tummy its a circular movement which goes clock-wise and the breast anti-clockwise. 

3. I have a natural tendency to store up Lymph. It definitely helps me to circulate them better and reduce the flabbiness. I also follow this Massage with oil or cleansing balms for my face for the same reason, which I do with my hands.

4. I believe it to be an awesome stress reliever. It just circulates all the blood and softens up the stiffness in your body. I follow it up with a warm bath and then an aromatic oil massage. Its a luxury I can hardly miss.

Products I love

Dry Brushes : This (its also the one I use) | This | This

Oils & Creams : This | This | This (I use this one) 

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