How I Deal With Stress

We all have to deal with a little or a lot of stress, and the possibilities are that we would be consumed. But in my experience, the best way to tackle has been to step back a few steps and look around and then come back to it again, to give the best answers. Here are a few ways that I do it.


As ordinary as it may sound to you but its undoubtedly the best solution. Just inhale deeply and exhale, or simply sigh. We do this all the time but not consciously. But when done, it works marvel. If you are more stressed than that, then breathe slowly and gently counting the inhales & the exhales. Sit quietly and shut your eyes when you do that. Do 10 of each open your eyes and observe yourself. If the stress comes back to you quickly then do some more.


How much ever we like to get the bull by its horns, but in my opinion an angry-crazy bull must be left alone to get its senses back. Then best way to do is not give him attention in a way as if it didn't exist. Distractions are good in such cases. You probably know what is it that can really hold your attention. I like to watch movies and can do it undistractedly. Some can read a book, cook or listen to music. Find your distraction and indulge!


Pamper yourself. Go for a shower and spend some time. Use your hands to massage the water to each and every part of your body. Comfort yourself because 'you' are there for 'you'. Stand under the water and let it run through your hair. Let it soak into every part of your scalp. Then bend your head down slightly and let it run through the back of your neck. And then the back. Follow your instinct really, thats what I do.


I always believe in this. take a dry brush and run through each and every part of your body. It will relax it. Then follow up with a moisturizer. massage it gently into each and every part of your body. By that I mean from your little toe nail to the inside of your ears. 

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