Blogging Guide : Things I Didn't Know

I consider blogging to be a process of evolving. Every blog I know and read has gone through the phase of not-sure-what-am I doing to I am happy with this. But what is common is the passion to do it. Not everyone is doing it, nor do they want to. But some do and they love it. They have been doing it for 2, 6 or even 10 years. or may be even more. Blogging is not a hobby, its a passion.

However, it can be a process of constant evolution and learning. For me the most fun part has been photography & designing the blog. I don't have a designer and do it myself. Though I think my prior knowledge of Illustrator & Photoshop, from my advertising days has been immensely helpful. Its not very difficult to learn either, the tutorials on the Adobe site is almost a giveaway. And then you need to stay at it, of course! Another useful software is Picassa by Google, and its free. But when it comes to blogging few things, came up from feedbacks and research, which has kind of worked. 

1. Whats Your Key Image

Its just like writing a letter. You start with an introduction, continue with the main content and then end with call-to-action. As the image is one of the most important part of a blogpost, make sure its woven in. We must understand that in the time of so much visual medium, at least a key image is a must!

2. A Clean Layout

Keep it low key. Our hero is the content. We do not want to add distracting backgrounds and other constant pop ups to take the readers focus away. The idea should be to look at the image and read the content, pay attention to what you want to communicate. You will not force it to them, but it works in our favor to keep distractions away.

3. Social Media

I don't have to tell you this, but its key. It can be difficult though considering there is so much to cover. But what I focus on is doing one content a day 'At Least'! When there is so much going on and people are posting some real good content, it can be difficult. Honestly I feel it makes more sense to choose one media and prioritize it. I usually pick up instagram, and post it across to Facebook, Twitter & Tumblr. Similarly plug into Bloglovin so that the posts are automatically displayed there.

4. Don't Forget To Tag

Tagging is not only done to categorize but to optimize your content to show up when searched on search engine. It makes your blogpost fall under a certain category. If someone is looking for content under those keywords by plugging them in say 'Google' it will show up faster.

5. Write What You Feel, But Don't Lose The Diplomacy

This one is about maintaining the fine balance. You have your readers on one hand and the advertisers on the other. Your blog is essentially about what you think, and your readers trust you for that. To be very honest thats your soul. Whereas the advertisers the backbone to keep the venture going. Ideally I feel one must speak the truth. But reviewing a product and being honest about not being impressed is alright. However, being rude and hurtful while doing that isn't right.

please do leave behind your comment, suggestion, insights, love notes... I am listening.

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