The Elaborate Skin Care Routine

I love pampering my skin. Whenever I have a little more time during the week at night I go through this elaborate facial 'so-to-say' to make my skin feel loved, in fact pampered. There are of course permutation and combinations when I feel the need to do more or sometimes less. The key is to understand what my skin needs that day. The right products, face packs. I do emphasize on using the right serum and ending it with a nourishing cream that is just right. Usually its a night cream so that I can head over to catch my z-z-z-z's and let all that work i just did on my skin to settle and take action.

This is not always. But when I do, the skin gets seriously clean. A bowl full of boiling water and a dash of Dr. Hauschka Facial Steam Bath

This is my favorite way of taking everything off. I take a little on my finger tip and massage it slowly on my face. So far its the best product ever. Clinique Take The Day Off literally does what it says.

I then take it all off with the Sugar Face Polish with circular motion all across my face, starting from the nose. And once done I follow it up with Origins Resurfacing Mask. Once dried up, i wet my fingers and take it off with circular movements.

Just a pump of Estee Lauder New Dimension Serum should be good enough. I use 2. I smooth it over  my face from nose and outwards and then on my neck in an upward direction. I have truly noticed a difference since applying. Neck looks smoother and even.

I never skip my Clarins Face Treatment Oil. I put 3 drops on my palm, rub then and slowly dab them on my face.

I finish it with a hydrating cream like Origins High Potency Night-A-Mins

An eye cream is a must in the end. Just before falling off to sleep I dab it with my ring ring under and around my eyes.

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