Serums That I Use

I make sure I use serums regularly as a part of my skin routine. Its good to cleanse tone and moisturize the skin appropriately but our skin also needs to be treated. Sometimes, it may be a temporary problem or it could also be extra care for aging skin. I use these 4 depending on what my skin demands that day, however, my concerns are more or less standard. They are:

| 1. Open pores |
| 2. Aging skin |
| 3. Tightness |

I have open pores since a very long time. I have inherited them from one of my parents and due to my change in oil producing glands over the years they have still remained. Though I feel it could be worse, if not for this product. I use it immediately after cleansing my face and then follow up with moisturizer. I don't use it as much in winter though, as I use that time to use serums that answer my other skin issues.

I am not getting any younger and so is not my skin. I like to give it the extra care for all the stress and stretch that it has put up with. This serum makes my skin glow and look plump yet healthy. I like to use it at night.

Bought on a bit of a whim but found it to be quite good. It may not be particularly excellent as its not a focused product meant for one particular thing to be addressed, but its great to travel with, as its a smallish container, seals easily and more or less does a bit of everything. Its a good buy if you are planning to take it along on long trips.

Another product for a general aging skin. Give a nice glow and I like to use it before makeup.

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