Lisbon - A Photo Diary

Confession time: I like to be lazy. And lazy holidays are most welcome! So after a long trip around Spain, on a long European tour we ended with Lisbon and we had 3 days and 3 nights. We stayed at Alfama, and booked an apartment through airbnb. Now-a-days we mostly prefer airbnb, as they have lots of options at different price-points and the accommodations most of the time are gorgeous. And the apartment we lived in was amazing, in fact apparently, The Russia House was shot here. Yes that "Sean Connery" movie! 

But Lisbon was a gorgeous city. The reason to talk so much about the place we lived at was because, I think we chose the location wisely. It was well connected, old city feeling and lots of eating options!

Where to Stay in Lisbon:

I would say stay within the city. Stay where you are well-connected. So that you are not stranded, and suddenly the damn GPS stops working and you do not know all the connecting trains & buses. That happened to us, and I speak from experience, that you'll hate it then!

We stayed at Alfama, and it had a good mix of everything. 

What to See:

Honestly, I thought long strolls are the ideal things to do. The vibe of 'Bairro Alto' or even Belem during the day was something to look forward to. You can of course visit the usual touristy places but  walk as much as you can or take the tram to really feel the city. Don't carry a lot of valuables though, as in spite of all the cops present in around there are decent number of mugging incidents.

What to Eat:

I thought, if you love seafood then you must love this place. They have the best selection of restaurants wit excellent food and at a very reasonably priced. We found some favorites, not just for seafood, but great food/ambience in general.

1. Enoteca de Belem : If you ask for a bottle of wine here, they will hand-over a pair of binoculars. I don't want to kill your surprise moment by giving out this secret. But I have to tell you that they have one of the best selection of wines. If you ask for help in choosing the right wine they will find you the right one. As for the food, I think it was great. I recommend the duck magret. 

2. Santo Antonio de Alfama : They have great food, ambience and wine. The best part, you can actually listen to some great Fado, coming in from the restaurant next door, without having to pay the price.

And there were others randomly found while walking around for coffee, and especially one among them was this tiny store by an elderly gentlemen, no name just great freshly squeezed orange juice and best pasties ever, in one of the lanes in Alfama. If you find him, don't miss it.

And while you are at the bairro alto, don't forget to grab a drink at Pensao Amor. Its a church converted to brothel converted to a bar. Its obviously for the grown ups. But the caprinha here is awesome. So is the ambience!

3. Time Out : Once you are done with your drink head over to the Time Out for some food & drinks. Lots of options from meat to fish to vegetarian and as well as desserts!

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