3 Healthy Snacks Which Are Not Boring

I can be lazy with food. I prefer food that is quick, filling & healthy at the same time. And honestly I don't even think its a difficult think to achieve. Here are 3 snack/meal that I eat regularly.

1. Hummus & Cucumber Sandwich

I can make this my lunch. Or snack. Its simple 'un'sinful & you won't take more than a few minutes.

You will need | Hummus | Cucumber | Salt & Pepper | Olive oil if you like

2. Dried Mango

I get them from Starbucks. Y-e-s! These are just dried Mangos. No sugar added...That makes it even sweeter.

3. Cheese & Strawberries

I take up a small block of the cheese & slice up. Strawberries go very well with it. Its an excellent accompaniment with chardonnay!

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