The New Hair Project

Getting a new hair look has never been easy. The process...the whole process can take a while. I enjoy going through them. When I decided to go short, like pixie bob it was after a long time that I wanted to be so bold. I don't really have the oval face that can take every haircut, so that required some research!

Now I am onto my next project, and that is to color my hair. Before that I have to warn you that I am extremely fickle minded about most things in life and thats probably got something to do with my zodiac! In fact while researching, since I do believe a bit into zodiac, I stumbled upon Hair-O-Scope by Madison Reed - 'The Hair Color' Company and also chanced upon their hair color quiz . Its a really cool quiz for those of you who are wondering, what is the right color, just like me!

As per what I have researched so far, here are my 3 options:

1. Go ahead with the trusted highlighting that I have always done!
2. Believe in what Hair-O-Scope says. Its by Madison Reed, so no reason to not trust. My Zodiac is Cancer, and this is what it says. Sounds kinda fun!
3. Research for a celebrity who has my kind of face shape & skin tone. This one sounds hopeless already!

What do you think?

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