Introducing Sunscreen In Everyday Life

Sunscreens are a must. And there is no debate about that. But when it comes to my face, I try to be smart about it. Choosing products with sunscreen often lets me skip applying a cream with just that purpose. I of course treat serious outdoor activities differently. For example when I am heading out to play tennis during the day, I apply a sunscreen to all the exposed parts with about 30 SPF. Which I apply to the other parts of my body otherwise.

As per my lifestyle, I work from home, but do step out frequently. I am either out for a shoot or work from a cafe or definitely out walking Margo. And all of them require sun protection.


I pick moisturizers for my face that not only suits my skin but also protects. I would choose something with slightly lesser SPF as I use it each and everyday. Also, not only do I use it in sufficient quantity but also, top it up with more SPF based makeup. And I don't want to over do it too.


My foundations have SPF too. Now a days, most of them do, so thats not difficult to find. As a matter of fact I have always been choosing my foundations depending on how it looks & feels on my skin and it turns out, that it has SPF too.


Yes, lips need sun protection too. I frequently use a lip tint that has SPF on a daily basis.


I apply Sunscreen on my remaining exposed body parts. I re-apply 20 mins before every time I know that I need to go out.

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