Easy Steps To Shape EyeBrows

I am not a big eyebrow kinda girl. I leave it the way it is if I am not putting on makeup. I don't even thread it, and it has remained this way for quite a few years. I do have a short eyebrow regimen though, when I choose to do it. I need my Sonia Kashuk Eyebrow/ lash brush and the Anastasia Brow Wiz Eyebrow pencil. I do believe that choosing the right color is very critical. And specially in this case just looking at the color may not give a clear idea. The best thing to do is to take professional help or at least try out the colors before buying. The reason is, the eyebrow should look naturally dense or the kind of thickness we want to achieve and any other shade would defeat the purpose.

I brush my eye brow down at the highest arch and start right there at the high point. I fill it up, trying to give it a shape on both the sides and just leave it at that. Then I use the other end of my pencil that has a brush with wax on it, to comb it back. And thats it!

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