My 4 Top Favorite Makeup Removers

I love applying makeup, but over time I have realized the importance of removing it well. I use products that does the job well, suits my skin and at the end of the process my skin is nourished and it breathes. Of course one product is not enough, but the right set of products does the job pretty well and can do wonders to the skin. This is usually my nighttime routine, but if I focus on just the cleaning part, as I want to do a more elaborate post later on my updated night-time routine soon!

I especially love this in the winters when the skin gets dry and chapped. It has a soothing balm kind of texture that melts on my skin. And then I keep massaging it into my skin. I am usually sitting in from of my TV watching a series or a movie as I know I will be seated for a while! I gently push it down my skin in circular motion and it never clogs my pores. I was a little skeptical the first couple of times, but then I was wrong. I massage it all over my face and neck and take it off with a warm, wet towel. 

Great product, gets the job done. Needs a good shake and a little press down after I have it on a cotton pad. Then I end it with a few swipes, till its gone. And the last of the Mascara is usually gone.

This is strictly a summer product. My skin usually drinks up the oil without getting greasy or clogged. It does its job well but you would need to use another cleansing agent like a face wash too after it and for your eye makeup. Though it does remove every bit of makeup, I can be a little paranoid about going the extra mile.

#4 Bioderma  

I usually carry it along when I travel. I got the set of 2 big bottles when I traveled to Paris this year and have been using them ever since. Its effective in removing all the makeup. But since I feel more at ease with a nourishing remover, I follow it up with something nice and foamy. But thats just me. I think for someone with oily skin, it is one of the best products.

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